Improving the Process
By revamping its solids treatment system, the wastewater utility in Louisville, Kentucky, eliminated odors, created a potential source of new revenue, and saved millions of dollars in...

Powdered Activated Carbon Adsorption of MIB in a Lime Softening Treatment Plant

Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

Odor Control Process Selection Confirmation Using Dispersion Modeling

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota

Comparison of Commonly Used Odor Control Technologies

Completely Enclosed Conveyance System for High Solids Content Dewatered Biosolids

Puente Hills Reclaimed Water Distribution System

Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants
This manual should be of primary assistance to wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators and management, engineers, wastewater agency management personnel, laboratory staff, and collection...

Camden Composting
The 201 Facilities Plan for Biosolids Management prepared for the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) recommended in-vessel composting as the ultimate biosolids disposal...

Upgrading Dubai's Sewers
The sewerage system serving the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is plagued with odor and corrosion problems. System elements were deteriorating and failure rates were increasing....

Proactive Odor Control Using Computer Modeling
The City of Los Angeles (City) is currently designing the East Central Interceptor Sewer (ECIS) as a major relief sewer. The pipeline will convey wastewater flows that originate upstream...

Toward a Low-Emissions Wastewater Treatment Plant

Baltimore City's 1989 Sludge Crisis—A Case History

Alkaline Sludge Stabilization Processes Offer Viable Sludge Management Options

Sludge Dewatering in Freezing Beds
This paper summarizes the results of laboratory and pilot scale studies on the development of the sludge freezing bed. Laboratory studies indicated that a freezing bed could dewater up...

VOC Removal in Absorption Odor Control Systems

Surge and Odor Control for Southeast Capital Circle Manifolded Force Main

Impact of Alternate Pre-Oxidation and Post-Disinfection Processes on Taste and Odor Characteristics

Odors: The Other Effluent
Neighbors object to unpleasant odors emitted at wastewater treatment plants, and dealing with such odors requires tact as well as technology. The operators and engineers must listen to...





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