Supporting the Negotiation Process To Obtain What Is Deserved

Risk Sharing Mechanisms for Brownfields Redevelopment

Successful Negotiations and Strategies
This chapter discusses strategies for a successful negotiation....

A Multiobjective Analysis Model for Negotiations in Regional Water Resources Allocation

A New Approach to Licensing: Wisconsin Electric's Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement

Building Alliances with Resource Agencies and River Stakeholders through a Negotiated Settlement

Creative Conflict Resolution - Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

Negotiating Middle East Water Management: Lessons from Other International River Basins

Alternative Dispute Resolution Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

A User's Guide to Federal Architect
Engineer Contracts
The User's Guide to Architect-Engineer Contracts explores the process of selecting architect-engineer firms to perform design...

The Case for Water Markets as the Best Means for Effective Water Allocation
Water markets have a potential for providing flexible and efficient mechanisms for allocating water among alternative uses. In order for markets to emerge It is necessary for private rights...

Theoretical Foundations for Computer-Supported Negotiation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Construction: Mediation as a Means of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Rules for Success in Environmental Negotiation

Vietnam: Taming the Tiger
For businesses, few developing countries offer as many opportunities in a stable political environment as Vietnam. Nevertheless, the country's commercial and legal systems...

Secretary of Energy Review of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

The ICR; $130 Million of Water Quality Monitoring

Technical Understanding in Successful Environmental Negotiations
Scientists at the National Ecology Research Center conducted a series of case studies of consultations concerning the environmental conditions to be included in Federal Energy Regulatory...

Trick Plays and Traps
An excerpt from WIN-WIN NEGOTIATING: A PROFESSIONAL'S HANDBOOK, published by ASCE Press. The excerpt offers some advice on trick plays and traps for dealing with an uncooperative...

Appendix A: Checklist for the Ideal Negotiator
Back matter pages come after the papers or chapters in a published work. This back matter contains an appendix....





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