Test of Wave Hindcast Model Results Against Measurements During Four Different Meteorological Systems

Advances in Buoy Technology for Wind/Wave Data Collection and Analysis
Considerable advances have been made recently to reduce the cost of gathering meteorological and oceanographic data from coastal waters, especially for meteorological and oceanographic...

Estuarine and Coastal Modeling
This volume contains the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling held in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 3-5, 1999. The conference included oral...

Demonstration of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

Interactive Flood Response Plans: Internet/Intranet Formats with National Implications
(No paper) An effective flood response plan takes into account the needs of and utility to the end user of that plan—namely the local emergency response community. A flood response plan...

Storm-Related Change of the Northern San Mateo County Coast, California

Effects of Aeolian Transport on the Ponce DeLeon Inlet Sediment Budget

Assessment of the Wind Environment around Buildings

Wind and Wave Climate of the Sea of Marmara

Delta '96: Surf-Zone and Nearshore Measurements at the Ebro Delta

An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

Areal Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Several Alternative Formulations of the CRAE Hypothesis

The System for the Hydrological Forecasting in Serbia

Empirical Guidance for Siting Berms to Promote Stability or Nourishment Benefits

Probabilistic Characterization of Droughts
The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) uses a set of meteorologic and hydrologic variables to create a numerical value for drought severity. The index values are grouped into drought...

Modeling of Deep Water Outfall Plumes in the East Australian Coastal Ocean
The paper reports on the modeling study of deep water outfall plumes in the east Australian coastal ocean. The primary aims of the modeling were to provide estimates of plume condition...

Implementing a National Wave Monitoring Network—Some Lessons and Plans
Most environmental problems involve a chemical and/or biological component and a physical processes component. A holistic approach must consider both components and the way they interact....

Coastal Zone Management in Atlantic Canada: Developing the Necessary Regional Infrastructure
This paper focuses on the incremental development of a coastal zone management (CZM) constituency in the Atlantic Region and in particular on the recent establishment of the Atlantic Coastal...

Revision of Oregon Crop Water Use and Irrigation Requirements
A project to revise the crop water use estimates and irrigation requirements for the state at Oregon is described. The FAO modified Blaney-Criddle method was applied in this project since...

Ambient Air Monitoring to Support HLW Repository Site Characterization
This paper is a description of the program that has been operating in support of the Yucca Mountain site site characterization activities since 1985.The ambient air monitoring is designed...





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