Patents: What Every Engineer Should Know
Ignoring patent law can have serious consequences for civil engineers. They may sacrifice valuable patent rights or they may risk exposing themselves to a patent infringement lawsuit....

Sealing Springfield
The city of Springfield, Missouri, initiated a $12-million, 12-year infiltration and inflow elimination program for its sanitary sewer system after a federal lawsuit was filed to seek...

Pursuing Past-Due Accounts
Small engineering firms often do not have a full-time staff member dedicated to collecting on past due accounts, yet it is small business that can be most damaged by unpaid bills. Experts...

Sand Rights: A Case Study of the Hamptons' Beaches
The long Federal groins emplaced at Westhampton Beach in the 1960s resulted in accelerated erosion downdrift. The severe nor'easter of December 11-12, 1992 brought the issue to a climax...

Impact of Oil Spills on Commercial Fisheries: Lessons of Alaska for California

Breaking the Impasse on Coastal Protection

Interstate Mediation As an Alternative to Litigation: Resolving Illinois' Lake Michigan Diversion Dispute

The Lake Gaston Pipeline: 76 Miles of Controversy

Sources of Funding for Replacement and/or Repair of Defective PCCP

A Lawyer Relates His Experiences with Engineering Experts

An Engineer Relates His Experiences as Expert Witness

Things that Fall—Construction Site Forensic Problems

Objectivity vs. Advocacy in Forensic Engineering

Manual of Forensic Engineering Practice—A Synopsis

Living by the Thirteen Commandments of the Forensic Engineer/Expert

Hired Guns Give a Black Eye to Our Profession. Can We Do Something About It?—A Panel Discussion

Commitment to Quality: Part of a National Agenda

Quality Assurance vs. Engineering Experience (Or TQM vs. the Old Man in the Corner)

Gaining Ground
A giant of the profession looks back at his own career and talks about his concerns for the future of geotechnical engineering, which range from education and litigation to mergers and...

ASCE's Role in the Work of the National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee of the American Arbitration Association





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