Cyclic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Joints

Nonlinear Analysis Used in Practical Engineering Design

Design Philosophy of Semi-Rigid Steel Connections in Seismic Zones

Joint Hydrodynamic Model of the Delta and Mouth Off-Shore Zone of the Ural River

Cyclic Performance of Wood Truss Joints

Design and Maintenance for Extending Useful Bridge Life

Prefabricated Concrete Walls. Influence of Prestressload on Vertical Joints

The Effects of Construction Joint in Mass Concrete

Jointless Steel Bridges Design and Retrofit

Managing Great Lakes Water Levels: An International Partnership
During this century, the levels of two of the Great Lakes have been regulated; Lake Superior since 1921 and Lake Ontario since 1960. The regulation is directed by the International Joint...

Mean Stress Effects in Fatigue of Welded Steel Joints

Modelling of Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical Processes in a Discrete Joint

Analysis Requirements for Performance-Based Design of Beam-Column Joints

Risk Analysis of Joint Reservoir Operation in Central Taiwan
Risk analysis for shortage of water on the joint operation of Li-Yu-Tan Reservoir and Shih-Kang Dam (Reservoir) in central Taiwan is presented in this paper. Deter ministic simulation,...

Rehabilitation of Steel Beams Using Composite Materials

Seismic Design Issues of Water Pipelines at the Hayward Fault Crossing

Hydrothermal Effects on the Bearing Strength of GFRP Composite Joint

Evaluation of FRP Composites Bolted and Adhesive Joints

Hot-Spot Fatigue Design of Aluminum Joints

Response of Lime Mortar Joint Arches to Moving Loads





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