Seismic Data from Smartphones: MyShake: Building a Global Smartphone Seismic Network
Increasing the density of earthquake-monitoring instruments at a fast rate and at a low cost is a dream for many researchers who study earthquakes. MyShake, a smartphone application developed by the Berkeley...

Geotechnical Instrumentation for Roadways: Shifting from Manual to Automated
Geotechnical instruments, including inclinometers, piezometers, settlement plates, etc., have long been used during and after construction to monitor performance of transportation infrastructure, including...

Evaluation of Hail Suppression Efforts
The rationale for conducting project evaluations is to find out how successful the operations are in achieving the desired results. This assessment is more easily said than done. It is...

Application of Model Pile Tests to Axial Pile Design
Experiments conducted with instrumented model pile segment probes at Harvey and Empire, Louisiana are summarized and the observed behavior interpreted. Correlations are developed for the...

In Situ Strength Assessment Using Full Flow Penetrometers

NewsBrief: Paint Holds Promise As Structural Sensor (Popular Science)

Port of Barcelona Expansion: Global Instrumentation Program

NewsBriefs: Long Island Village Turns to Sensors to Nab Parking Violators (CBS New York)

CoreBits: G-I News—Luke Elected to G-I Board; Caldwell Becomes ASCE President; GeoFlorida 2010; G-I President Delivers Hal Hunt Lecture; G-I Continuing Education Seminars; Instrumentation and Monitoring Bootcamp; 2009 Award Recipients; What do you Think?; New Slope Stability, Retaining Walls, and Foundations; What's Twitter All About?; How do I Follow the Twitter Feed?

NewsBriefs: Research Refines Use of Algae as Contaminant Sensor

Wire-Line Vane Probe for Deep Penetration Measurements of Ocean Sediment Strength

Research Briefs: Computer Company to Develop Multiple Advanced Sensors

NewsBriefs: Digital Sensors to Protect Dutch Levees

Innovations in Field Instrumentation: Revelations, Insights, and Observations from the Seventh International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics

Evaluation of IA SWAT Testing Protocol for ET Controllers
In recent years the Irrigation Association (IA) has developed a testing protocol for Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT). These technologies consist of irrigation controllers such...

Technology: Wireless Sensor Monitor Bioreactor

Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Dual-Use Vision for Implementing an Environmental Observatory for an Engineered System
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7, has been tasked as the lead federal agency in protecting water infrastructure in the U.S....

NewsBriefs: NYPD Introduces Explosives Detectors In Subway Stations (Newsday)

In the Field: Polymeric Structures as Low-Cost Biohazard Sensors

Real-Time In-Lake Networking of Water Quality Sensors for Management and Research in Upper Mystic Lake, Aberjona Watershed, MA





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