The Ups and Downs of Drone Inspections
Minnesota recently completed a trial using unmanned aircraft systems to inspect bridges. They found that the drones have their advantages—and disadvantages....

On-Site Virtual Mapping Could Aid Inspections
Researchers are creating a system in which virtual reality headsets draw on four-dimensional models to monitor construction progress....

Field Aspects
As soon as practical after their arrival at the project site, all pipes, fittings, and appurtenances should be thoroughly checked for compliance with the contract documents and accepted...

Engineers Bring Technical, Physical Prowess to Inspection of Radio Telescope

National Tunnel Inspection Standards Released

San Antonio Consent Decree Focuses on Sewer Inspections, Improvements

Cleaning and Inspection
This chapter discusses the cleaning and inspection of culverts and storm sewers....

Safety Considerations
This chapter discusses the main hazards associated with the inspection and renewal activities for culverts and storm sewers....

Evaluation and Condition Assessment
To determine whether a culvert or storm sewer needs to be renewed, an inspection needs to be conducted and the findings recorded. The first step in such a program is to establish a standard...

Bridges: Inspections Uncover More Gusset Plate Issues on Minnesota Crossings

Ad Hoc Group Addresses Bridge Inspection Issues

Bridges: Pennsylvania Conducts Emergency Bridge Inspections

Infrastructure Rehabilitation: New Regulations Mandate Dam Inspections in Massachusetts

ASCE Member Shares Finding on Katrina with U.S. Senate Committee, Calls for National Levee Inspection and Safety Program

Repairing Pittsburgh's Portal
Engineering the rehabilitation of Pittsburgh's Fort Pitt Bridge and Fort Pitt Tunnel involved an extensive inspection of their condition and a detailed evaluation of alternative...

Book Review: Introduction to Engineering Construction Inspection by Edward R. Fisk and Randy R. Rapp. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004

In-Service Considerations
Generally, little or no preventative maintenance is required on fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) poles. This chapter discusses factors that could affect the performance of FRP poles after...

A Higher Profile
After an extensive inspection revealed severe corrosion to the substructure of a low-lying bridge over salt water in Norfolk, Virginia, engineers devised a retrofit that included vertical...

Earthquake Mapping Tools Initiate Emergency Response, Infrastructure Inspection

Pipeline Inspections Take a Virtual Twist





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