Mitigation of Impervious Surface Hydrology Using Bioretention in North Carolina and Maryland
As an increasingly adopted stormwater best management practice to remedy hydrologic impairment from urban imperviousness, bioretention facilities need rigorous field performance research...

Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance (CMOM) Overview
Attendees will have a better understanding of the new policy and the benefits of compliance. The purpose of the CSO Rule or CMOM by EPA is creating a wave of activity across the country....

Sealing Springfield
The city of Springfield, Missouri, initiated a $12-million, 12-year infiltration and inflow elimination program for its sanitary sewer system after a federal lawsuit was filed to seek...

An Analysis of Public-Side Sewer Rehabilitation

Robust Techniques for Extension of Streamflow Records
Longer hydrological records are required for the planning of water resource systems. Sensitivity of a system is studied under various scenarios of hydrological inputs to understand its...

Applying Velocity Profiling Technology to Flow Measurement at the Orinda Water Treatment Plant

A Real-Time Operational Inflow Forecasting System

Grouting of TBM Rock Tunnels for the Los Angeles Subway

Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation
Manhole structures are the principal means of access for collection system maintenance. Effective manhole inspection and rehabilitation are necessary to remove excessive manhole infiltration...

Consideration of Estuarine Freshwater Inflow Needs in Water Management of Lower Colorado River, Texas

Freshwater Inflow Needs of Matagorda Bay Estuarine System in Texas

Finding Least-Cost Alternatives for Controlling Sanitary Sewer Overflows Through Application of STORM and a Genetic Algorithm

The Houston Experience: Recipe for a Successful Demonstration Project

Service Lateral Rehabilitation Technology Overview

Run-of-River License Requirements, A Compliance Perspective

Inflow Forecasting for Short-Term Hydro Scheduling

Turbine Flow Measurement at Kariba Dam

Errors and Variability of Reservoir Yield Estimation as a Function of the Coefficient of Variation of Annual Inflows

Stochastic Multiobjective Optimization of Multireservoir Systems

A Study on Water Management of an Irrigation Scheme in Sri Lanka





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