NewsBriefs: New Report: Wind Farms Have Minimal Effect on Housing Prices

NewsBriefs: Structure Housing Illinois Supercomputer Will be Environmentally Benign

Court Decisions: Housing Authority Development is Public – Lien not Justified

People: Roy Fowler to Serve on Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Book Review: Emerging Land & Housing Markets in China edited by Chengri Ding and Yan Song. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2005

Disaster Relief: For Instant Housing, Just Add Water

Cementitious Materials—Nine Millennia and A New Century: Past, Present, and Future
Cementitious materials have been used in construction for several millennia and through several civilizations. Their use has been revitalized in the recent century, and they have become...

ASCE Joins Forces with Volunteer Group to Rehabilitate Low-Income Housing

Sustainable Housing on Indian Reservation Relies on `Hempcrete'

The Economics of Our Beaches
An overview is given on the economics of beaches. Topics discussed include the role of beachfront properties in the local economy, beaches as free community open space, role of beaches...

Socioeconomic Land Use and Travel Patterns in Amsterdam
The number of inhabitants in Amsterdam is influenced by various developments such as the move to the suburbs, foreign immigration on the growth of prosperity. Important factors for the...

Recycled Composite Structures for Third-World Housing Applications

Guidelines to Conduct a Wind Damage Investigation of Manufactured Housing

Considerations for Deactivating Army Buildings in Alaska

The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

Manufactured Homes Provide Affordable Housing

The NAHB Research Center's National Housing Quality Program

The Impact of the National Housing Quality Award Program and the Benchmark Conferences on the Homebuilding Industry

A Sleeping Giant: Has the Residential Construction Industry Surpassed Commercial Construction in Technology?

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