‘Metamaterial’ Enables Structures to Reflect Solar Energy and Radiate Heat
Researchers have developed a “metamaterial” film of glass and polymer that is both economical to produce and capable of keeping the surface beneath it 10 to 16 degrees centigrade cooler than without the...

Historic House Restoration Will Feature Stabilization and New Glass Structure

Serpentine Walls Support Light-Filled Twist to Glass Museum's Latest Expansion

Halcrow Yolles Designed Glass and Steel for Observation Platforms

Simulating Radionuclide Transport Away from an Underground Nuclear Test: Linking Non-Isothermal Flow and Mechanistic Reactive Transport
The low-yield (0.75 kiloton) Cambric underground nuclear test situated in alluvium below the water table offers unique perspectives on radionuclide transport in groundwater. The Cambric...

Structures: Glass and Steel Cloud Redefines Hamburg Harbor

Structures: Glass and Steel Skywalk Cantilevers from Grand Canyon Cliff

Structures: Cable-Supported Glass Wall Highlights Loyola's Green Library Annex

Book Review: New Glass Architecture by Brent Richards (photographs by Dennis Gilbert). New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2006

Structural Engineering: London's Shard of Glass Challenges Designers

Structures: Engineering Collaboration Provides Structure for Glass Pavilion

Structures: D. C. Baseball Stadium Pitches Steel, Glass, and Concrete

NewsBriefs: Glass Windows Can Kill Birds (CNN)

Structures: Brooklyn Museum Entrance Features Structural Glass Roof

A More Perfect Union
Established to promote greater public understanding of the United States Constitution, the National Constitution Center facility in Philadelphia is a structure of complex geometries articulated...

Materials: Structural Glass Moves Indoors

Structures: Angled Glass Facade Distinguishes Auto Showroom

Island in the Mur
Floating atop an immense pontoon like a shimmering seashell, this elliptical island of steel and glass in the middle of an Austrian river—an inventive, unconventional bridge—was designed...

NewsBriefs: Pasta, Glass Used for Earthquake Research (Pennsylvania State University)

Structures: Architectural Glass Roofs Highlight Museum Addition





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