BIM Belowground
Despite the wider use of building information modeling (BIM), the practice frequently focuses on aboveground details to the exclusion of those below the surface. But the BIM techniques used in the design...

The Design of Hail Suppression Operations
When hail suppression operations are being considered, it is already understood that hail damage is a significant problem in an area in which the political subdivision, organization, or...

Multi-scale Health Assessment for Effective Levee Management
Researchers are working on developing a new health assessment framework with the potential to modernize our ability to monitor, manage, and ensure the safety of levees and other systems...

Cyclic Response of Steel-Stud Framed Wall Panels

Interactive Graphics Dynamic Analysis of Frames

Aseismic Design of a 31-Story Frame-Wall Building

Cagelike Frame Will Support Shanghai Tower's Twisting Curtain Wall

Report Urges New Framework for Planning Critical Infrastructure

An Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Full-Scale Composite Steel Frames under Furnace Loading
In view of recent large fires in tall buildings, such as One Meridian Square (USA), East Tower Central Park (Venezuela), World Trade Center (USA) and Windsor Tower (Spain), there has been...

Structural Engineering: Novel Braced Frames Will Help Salt Lake City Hospital Withstand Earthquakes

Book Review: Ecosystems and Human Well-being: A Framework for Assessment edited by Elena Bennett et al. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2003

A More Perfect Union
Established to promote greater public understanding of the United States Constitution, the National Constitution Center facility in Philadelphia is a structure of complex geometries articulated...

Special Structures: Past, Present, and Future
Special structures are landmarks and testimonials to the achievements of the structural engineering profession. They are true three-dimensional...

Application of the NRC Framework for Evaluation of Remedial Actions at a PCB Contaminated Sediment Site
The National Research Council recently proposed that the framework of the Presidents/Congressional Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management be applied to the selection and implementation...

Analyses of Mixed Steel-Concrete Frames Win Two Professors the 2002 Norman Medal

Book Review: Ecology and Design: Frameworks for Learning edited by Bart R. Johnson and Kristina Hill. Washington, DC: Island Press, 2002

A River Runs through It
The new stadium under construction for the New England Patriots is architecturally and structurally unique, but it is also attracting attention for another reason: the restoration of a...

Steel Structures: New Weld-Free Steel Frame Introduced at UCSD

Superior Court
For a sport obsessed with getting a round ball through a hoop, the shape of the new Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame seems entirely appropriate. The building is intersected by...

Earthquake Engineering: Wood-Frame Structures are Shaken for a Ride





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