Earthquake Time Bombs, By Robert Yeats. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge University Press, 2015

Geotechnical IT Revolution: Intelligent Compaction and Beyond
The explosion of innovative developments in the IT industry is making many of us geotechnical engineers green with envy. We want some new technology, too! Luckily, advances in sensors...

High Explosive Simulation of Earthquake-Like Ground Motions

The incredibly loud explosion that could be heard at 9 am on July 23 in Milton, Kentucky, and Madison, Indiana, ... came from carefully controlled explosive charges ...

Restoration of 19th-Century London Rail Tunnel Required Search for Wartime Bombs

NewsBriefs: University Gets Contract To Test Bomb Mitigation Techniques (University of California at San Diego)

NewsBriefs: NYPD Introduces Explosives Detectors In Subway Stations (Newsday)

In the Field: Transit Security Study Comes Against Backdrop of London and Madrid Bombings

Symbol of Strength
Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, the federal government decided to rebuild. The result is an architectural gem incorporating the latest advances in blast resistance and sustainable...

NewsBriefs: UCSD to Construct Bomb Blast Simulator (University of California, San Diego)

Dams: Explosions Demolish Century-Old Virginia Dam

Technology: Advanced Blast Simulation Software Models Effect of Explosions

Countering Chemical and Biological Terrorism
Prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, building protection related to terrorism primarily focused on the threat of bombs detonated inside vechicles. However the September 2001...

Blast Mitigation Research and Technology Transfer
Terrorists continue to use bombs as a weapon of choice. Recent bombings targeted against the United States, such as the World Trade Center, Murrah Federal Building, Khobar Towers, and...

Engineers Study Bomb Vulnerability of Flat-Slab Construction

Sequential Experiments for Test Minimization

Precision Experiments for Evaluating Finite Element Models

Case Studies of Uncertainty Analysis and Explosives Cleanup

Investigation of Explosive Damage and Repair Costs

Adsorption and Biodegradation of High Explosives on Granular Activated Carbon





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