Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Salinity Transport Modeling in Estuaries

Estuarine and Coastal Modeling
This volume contains the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling held in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 3-5, 1999. The conference included oral...

Save San Francisco Bay Estuarine Modeling Tool (ltr)

Control of Estuarine Salinity Using the Adjoint Method

An Unsteady Finite Volume Circulation Model

Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in the Entrance of the Tagus Estuary

A Multi-Estuarine Model in Long Island Sound

Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of an Estuary in Nova Scotia

Modeling the Circulation in Penobscot Bay, Maine

A Three-Dimensional Modeling Study of the Estuarine System: An Application to the Satilla River

Development of a Waste Load Allocation Model for the Charleston Harbor Estuary. Part III: Project Application

Calibration Performance of a Two-Dimensional, Laterally-Averaged Eutrophication Model of a Partially Mixed Estuary

Modeling Tidal Circulation in a Barrier-Island Estuary: Apalachicola Bay

An Improved Formulation for the Bed Shear Stress in Morphodynamic Simulations

Modelling the Humber Estuary Catchment and Coastal Zone

Modeling Water Quality for Dredged Material Disposal

Internal Characteristics of Two-Layer Stratified Flow Systems Under Wind Stress

Simulation of Tunnel Island and Bridge Piling Effects in a Tidal Estuary

The Mary River Estuary: A New Approach to Modeling of Marshes and Over-Bank Areas

A Hydrodynamic Model Calibration Study of the Savannah River Estuary with an Examination of Factors Affecting Salinity Intrusion





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