Advances in Analytical Modeling of Torsional Members
The basic formula for calculating the torsional strength of reinforced concrete members was developed by Rausch (1929) using the space truss concept. Unfortunately, Rausch's equation may...

Torsion of Reinforced Concrete -A Historical Overview
The story of torsion of reinforced concrete must start with the French professor, C. L. Navier. In his landmark book (Navier, 1826) he rigorously derived the first rational theory for...

Special Structures: Past, Present, and Future
Special structures are landmarks and testimonials to the achievements of the structural engineering profession. They are true three-dimensional...

Nearshore Profile Change and Its Impact on Rates of Shoreline Recession

Cross-Shore Transport and Profile Evolution at Duck, North Carolina

Modeling Cross-Shore Sediment Transport at Different Scales Using Equilibrium Beach Profile Theory

Equilibrium Shoreline Response behind a Single Offshore Breakwater

Equilibrium Shape of Headland-Bay Beaches for Engineering Design

Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

Computable General Equilibrium Modeling of Earthquakes

The Effect of Grading on the Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment

An Equilibrium Assignment Model for Mixed Traffic Network

Solving Asymmetric Network Equilibrium Problems with Genetic Algorithms

Depth of Closure: A Contribution to the Reconciliation of Theory, Practice, and Evidence

Equilibrium Beach Profiles: Effect of Refraction

A Projection Algorithm for the Dynamic Network Equilibrium Problem

Lateral Dimensions of Sand-Silt Channels in Dynamic Equilibrium

The Development of Equilibrium Profiles for Flushing Channels

Temporal Development of Local Scour at Bridge Piers
The temporal development of local scour depth at circular cylindrical bridge piers is considered. New data are presented and used to quantify the influence of flow duration on the depth...

Simulation of Channel Changes Induced by a Reservoir
A fluvial study was made for potential stream channel changes induced by a reservoir. It is generally recognized that a reservoir induces sediment deposition along the upstream channel...





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