Energy Use and Emissions Impact Measurement in TSM
An equilibrium traffic assignment model is linked to a modal choice model to estimate the route and mode shifting implications of a bus-only lane on Chicago's North Lake Shore...

Measurement of Volatile Chemical Emissions from Aerated Stabilization Basins

Ambient Impacts of Trace Toxic Metals

Methane Gas Utilization from Landfill Site
The results are described of a case study of a gas extraction and utilization system located on a sanitary landfill site. The system includes the following: a 0.9-m-diameter gas extraction...

The Impact of Hydrocarbon Emission Controls on Marine Design

Automatic Steam Gathering Reduces Emissions at The Geysers
At the site of The Geysers, America's only geothermal power plant and the largest such plant in the world, the first completely computerized steam gathering system has been...

Marketplace Solutions to Air Pollution
EPA is promoting new approaches to achieve clean air standards: bubbling, offsetting, banking and emission fees. The programs are flexible, encouraging industry to find the cheapest, most...

Environmental Aspects of Utility AFBC Design
This paper reviews the environmental aspects of atmospheric fluidized-bed combustion designs for large-scale utility steam generation. The review of these aspects is based primarily upon...

Atmospheric Sublayer Transport and Odor Control
Wastewater treatment plant boundary odor concentrations exceeding 5 ou/scf can cause odor complaints. Highest plant boundary odor concentrations for a given source odor emission rate occur...

Estimated Magnitude of Acoustic Emissions in Soil
This paper presents a basic, phenomenological treatment of acoustic emission signal strength in soils. Using estimated values for soils, the approach does account for the order-of-magnitude...

Impact of Potential Electric Vehicle Market Penetrations on Air Quality

The Impact of the Clean Air Act on Future Transportation

Developments in Motor Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance

The Arizona Inspection/Maintenance Program

Impact of Future Vehicle Technology on I/M Programs

Transportation in New Jersey and the Clean Air Act

Pennsylvania's Proposed Emission I/M Program

Packaging Transportation Measures for Air Quality

Stationary and Mobile Source Controls and Tradeoffs

Transportation Controls to Promote Air Quality: The San Francisco Bay Area Experience





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