Researchers Develop Remote Diagnostic Systems for Pipes

Smart Online Structural Monitoring and Diagnosis
(abstract only) This paper describes the observation matrix as innovative monitoring and diagnosis: (1) The matrix elements of the observation matrix multiplied by its transposed serve...

Wounded Lift Bridge Gets Long Distance Diagnoses

Whole-Field Diagnostic in Flows with Suspended Sediment Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Structural Damages Caused by Hidden Overloads in a Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage: Diagnosis and Repair Procedures

Is Steel Frame Damage Being Diagnosed Correctly?

PGRU Bridge: Rehabilitation Based on an Electrochemical Diagnosis

Degradation Diagnosis of Structural Members Using Strain Energy Approach

Quail Creek: A Case Study of Restoration Using Native Materials
Quail Creek, a stream in northern Baltimore County, Maryland, was restored in 1990 using the approach developed by Rosgen to diagnose the problems, and determine the parameters for stable...

The Applicability of Neural Network Systems for Structural Damage Diagnosis

Probabilistic Diagnosis of Seismic Design Load—To Harmonize Seismic Design Codes of Various Engineering Structures

Development of a Practical Knowledge Based Adviser to Diagnose Defects in Flat Roofs

An Inductive Diagnostic Knowledge System for Rebar Corrosion

Sewerage Failure, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

Planning, Assessing and Implementing Diagnostic Rehabilitation Options

Flow Analysis Used to Diagnose Pipe Capacity and Sewer Overflow Problems in Sydney, Australia

Water Penetration Manual for California Soils
Slow water penetration in irrigated soils is a complex problem of major importance in California's $18 billion agricultural industry. The Kearney Foundation of Soil Science chose to work...

Masonry Cladding, an Expert System for Distress Diagnosis
An expert system for masonry cladding failure diagnosis was developed. The system provides a heuristic procedure for diagnosing the most probable causes of cladding distresses and failure...

PDS: An Expert System for Distress Diagnosis of Flexible Pavements in Taiwan
Pavement distress diagnosis requires a significant amount of engineering judgement which is difficult, if not impossible, to be quantified. This is an excellent domain for the development...

Building Object-Oriented Systems for Diagnostic Problems in Civil Engineering
In recent years, rehabilitation and renovation of existing buildings and roads have grown to occupy a significant share of all civil engineering projects. Proper timing of rehabilitative...





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