A Place for Penguins
The Detroit Zoo’s Polk Penguin Conservation Center has created a habitat for Antarctic and subantarctic penguins designed to match their natural environment to the fullest extent possible. In addition...

Construction Begins on Detroit Steetcar Project

Inverted Funnel Canopy Graces Detroit Transit Center

Photo and Caption: Detroit's New Runway

Infrastructure: Detroit Reconstructs Interstate 75

Urban Redevelopment: Walkway Transforms Detroit Riverfront

Wastewater: Design Begins of Detroit's Combined Sewer Overflow Solution

NewsBriefs: New U.S.-Canada Crossing Unnecessary As Traffic Levels Drop (The Detroit News)

NewsBriefs: Detroit Buys Out Cemex To Clear Way For Riverfront Project (Detroit Free Press)

Structures: New Detroit High School under Construction

Replacement Strategy
Water Works II, a $275-million water treatment plant currently under construction in Detroit, is redefining the way that such projects are let and built. In 1980 the city initiated a program...

Massive Parking Garage Tucked into Detroit Airfield

Reclaiming Detroit's Riverfront: A Cost-Effective In-Situ Solution for Returning a Lead Contaminated Site to Public Use

Seepage Stoppers
After 65 years of continuous operation without any major rehabilitation, the Detroit-Windsor tunnel had sprung a few leaks. Engineers used elasticized grout to stop the seepage, a material...

Biodegradation Modeling of a Closed Landfill Site
The two-dimensional model, BIOPLUME II, was applied to the closed Becker County Landfill at Detroit township, Minnesota, to study the transport of hydrocarbons occurring at the site. The...

An Expert System for Stop-Controlled Intersection Design
In 1915, the first stop sign was installed in Detroit, Michigan, but until now, there was still no one coordinated body of knowledge which would dictate design and analysis requirements....

Database for Pipeline Bridges in North America
Work began in 1985 at Wayne State University on a research study of pipeline suspension bridges. This effort, which was funded by ANR Pipeline Company of Detroit, Michigan, investigated...

Overview of the FAST-TRAC IVHS Program
A major new IVHS initiative, called FAST-TRAC, is taking place in Oakland County, Michigan. It originated as a bottom-up strategy for solving mobility and highway safety problems in this...

The MK II Art System—A New Generation of Automated Guideway Transit
Bombardier is well advanced in a program to produce a larger version of its successful Advanced Light Rapid Transit (ALRT) vehicle which is in service in Detroit, Scarborough (Toronto)...

The Caisson Solution
Detroit is expanding its wastewater treatment plant to drastically reduce combined sewer overflows. The expansion, however, is being done on an extremely congested 4 acre tract of land...





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