Measurement and Prediction of Wave Height Decay in the Surf Zone

Longshore Currents and Wave Decay in the Surf Zone

Longshore Current Based on Power Law Wave Decay

Modelling and Decomposition of System Operating Costs for Design Stage Models for Tidal Power Plants

Design of Drilled Piers in the Atlantic Piedmont
The philosophy and methods of drilled pier foundation design in the Atlantic Piedmont are described. Consideration is also given to the unique characteristics of decomposed metamorphic...

Experimental Verification of a Unified Chlorine-Ammonia Reaction Model
A model of the reacting aqueous chlorine-ammonia system is proposed which describes equally well the rapid 'breakpoint' oxidation of ammonia or the slow decomposition...

Solving Finite Element Structural Dynamic Problems on Small Computers Using Semi-Explicit Methods
Numerical techniques based on the partial decomposition of a coefficient matrix, are developed for structural dynamic problems. Improved iterative techniques are discussed which could...

Damping in Tall Buildings: Its Variability and Treatment in Design
Increasingly, damping is being recognized as an important factor in the design of structures. It is at the same time a property which is relatively poorly defined, more acquired than engineered...

Analysis of a Production Well Through Sediments Containing Gas Hydrates
In some of the petroleum reservoirs recently discovered north of the Arctic Circle, production wells extend through thick permafrost. Several authors have reported zones of gas hydrate...

Hydrograph Decomposition: Using a Technical Database
Trouble shooting for infiltration/inflow (I/I) problems in a sewer system is made much easier with the aid of a computerized hydrograph decomposition methodology. A methodology has been...

Finite Element Equation-Solving on Micro-Computers

Substrate Inhibition and Control for High Rate Biogas Production

Development of a Rate Dependent Plasticity Model

A Coordinate-Free Approach to the Kinematics of Membranes

Stability of Interfaces in a Porous Medium

The Importance of Nonlinear Wave Interactions Under Ice
Waves under ice interact at the second order in wave slope. Because of this, a monochromatic wave train impinging on an ice sheet can transfer a significant amount of energy to its own...

A Correlation Study on the Spectrum Decomposition Method
The major elements of the Spectrum Decomposition Method (SDM) are reviewed together with its automated process for generation of in-equipment response spectra (IERS). The floor required...

The Role of the Port within the Logistical System Supporting Incinerator Ships

Plan Geometry of River Meanders

Characteristics of Guri Soils





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