Treatment of Nitrocellulose by Thermal Decomposition

Exacting Renovation
In the heart of Greenwich Village a building that would typically be demolished given its current condition has been saved and restored with careful engineering and a precise demolition/construction...

Analytic Solution of the Transient Storage Equations Accounting for Solute Decay

Numerical Simulation of Reductive Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethene in a Sandbox Model

Slowly-varying Components of Hydrodynamic Field at the Wall of Breakwater of Gdańsk North Port

Condition Assessment of Marine Timber Piles Using Stress Wave Method

Low Building Wind Load Variability for Code Applications

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Natural Organics and Pesticides from Drinking Water
Among the technologies available to deal with the problem of pesticides in drinking water, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) represent a treatment that has the potential of completely...

Probabilistic Simulation of Decomposition of Liquid Propellant

Evaluation of Timber Bridges Using Stress Wave Technology

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Heavy Timber Structures

Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Members and Connections in the USS Constitution

Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge

Decay of Residual Stress in Stochastic Fatigue

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis of Wind Pressure on Low-rise Building

A Constitutive Model for Reinforced Concrete Based on Stress Decomposition

A Spectral Domain Decomposition Method for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numerical Decomposition of Eulerian Residual Circulation in Long Island Sound

The Reactivity Effects of Nuclide Buildup and Decay During Long-Term Fuel Storage

Long Term Stability of Natural Glasses





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