CoreBits: Industry News — Call for Presentation on Environmental Education; New Building Codes Approved Based on NIST Report; NSF Requests Nominations for Singular; Young Researcher; An ASCE Honorary Member Memoriam; Conduits, Valves and Gates Presented by Devine Tarbell Associates February 3-5, 2009, Phoenix, AZ; Call for Papers: Deadline April 2, 2009; Steel Sheet Piling Symposium Notes

Quality Control Test for Prestressing Wires in Concrete Pressure Pipe
Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) was introduced in 1942 as a high pressure capacity conduit for water transmission. The principal element of the design and construction that imparts...

Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers Using a CIPP Process
Although using sewers as an avenue for the installation of Fiber Optic Cabling is a relatively new concept, there have been several major technological advances in the installation process...

Guidelines for Inspection and Monitoring of In-Service Penstocks
This volume provides a guide to information and engineering techniques for inspection and monitoring of in-service penstocks. This guide covers penstocks constructed of steel, concrete,...

The Penstock Puzzle
After 40 years of chronic slope movements and several engineering studies, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in California signed a design-build contract to stabilize the 1,500...

Columbia Slough Consolidation Conduit Tunnel

Installation of Conduits under Highways Using Trenchless Technology

Concrete Stabilizes San Bernardino Penstocks

Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit

Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair

Blasting In and Adjacent to Concrete at Buffalo Bill Dam

Design and Construction Risk Management for Existing Utilities

Intelligent Data Assessment for Underground Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Evaluation of Advancements in Microtunneling

El Dorado Hydroelectric Project - Penstock Relining Case Study

Buckling Capacity of Tunnel and Penstock Liners Using Finite Element Analysis Techniques

Inspection of Aging Steel Penstocks

Madison Penstock Rehabilitation

Risk Assessment of Two Water Conveyance Systems of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Rehab by Helicopter
The City of San Diego's 86-year old Dulzura Conduit has been in almost continuous operation since it first opened in 1909. But by 1984 flow had been reduced to less than 15...





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