Researchers Uncover Utilities’ Vulnerabilities to Cyberattacks
Researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities in utility companies’ computerized processing systems that could expose critical infrastructure to new digital threats....

Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering
Hall of Fame Papers: Volume 11
Prepared by the Program Committee of the Offshore Technology Conference of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE<\p>Offshore Technology...

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Methods
Computational methods for hydrologic analysis, hydraulic functions, and treatment capacity of permeable pavements vary depending on the complexity of the design and level of detail in...

Sudoku and Geotechnical Solutions: Lessons from a Parallel Universe of Limited Data
Geotechnical engineering relies on data to reduce risk. We infer, interpolate, and extrapolate based on often limited data with time and cost constraints also at work. Similarly, solving...

Interactive Graphics Dynamic Analysis of Frames

pLog Tablet Geotechnical Data Collection Software Demo by Datafore
Demonstration of Dataforensics' pLog tablet geotechnical data collection and data management system by company president Scott Deaton....

NewsBriefs: Researchers Plan to Use Babbage Blueprints to Build Computer (The New York Times)

NewsBriefs: Microscopic Wire May Lead to Powerful Quantum Computers (MSNBC)

NewsBriefs: Free Software Assesses Natural Cooling Options for Buildings (NIST)

The Most Human Human: What Talking with Computers Teaches Us about What It Means to Be Alive By Brian Christian. New York City: Doubleday, 2011

Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning Software User's Guide

NewsBriefs: Computer Program May Lead to Driverless Cars

NewsBriefs: New Photonic Chips Could Lead to Quantum Computers (Financial Times and Daily Mail)

IACMAG 2011, 13th Int'l Conference of the Int'l Assoc. for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics

NewsBriefs: Computer Time Donations Lead To Discovery of Orphan Pulsar (Wired)

2010 Honors and Awards: Computing in Civil Engineering Award

People: Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering Names Best Paper

2009 Honors and Awards: Computing in Civil Engineering Award

CoreBits: G-I Organizational Member News — DGI-Menard Sustainable Solutions Continue in 2009; Palmer Helps Build Home for Troubled Family; Updated StrataSlope Software Available for Downloading; BRAC site Gets Ground Fortification from GeoStructures; Hayward Baker Launches New Wick Drain Division; Donohoe Receives 2009 OPAL Lifetime Achievement Award; S&ME Focuses on Local Endeavors; Schnabel Engineering Wins MPA Contract

Rapid Prototyping of Computer Models to Characterize Discontinuous Rock Masses





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