Claims against Geotechnical Engineers: Getting it Right in the Midst of Uncertainty
Geotechnical engineering is one of engineering's riskiest professions, prone to litigation due to the inherent uncertainty associated with characterizing the subsurface. Site investigations rarely provide...

A Question of Ethics: Code Offers Leeway for Advertising Claims
When advertising their services engineers must not use language that misleads potential clients....

Swiss Railway Link under Alps Claims Title of World's Longest

Business: Bechtel/PB Settle Claims with Massachusetts regarding Boston Tunnel Failures

Book Review: reWealth: Stake Your Claim in the $2 Trillion Redevelopment Trend That's Renewing the World, by Storm Cunningham. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008.

People: Creed Claims Management Award

Court Decisions: Written Contract Rules Applies to Contractor's Breach Claim

Court Decisions: Acceptance of Work not a Defense Against Claims

Breach of Contract Claim Under Surety Contract Not Valid

Court Decisions: Arbitration Required for Claim Against Engineer

Sponsoring Pass - Through Claims on Behalf of Subcontractors

Construction Managers May Be Liable Under False Claims Act

Proving and Pricing a Delay Claim

Structures: Another Design Claims Tallest Title

Court Decisions: Court Rejects Failed Bidder's Claim of Bad Faith

Court Decisions: Unsuccessful Bidder's Claim for Damages Denied

Court Decision: Court Overrules Unjust Enrichment Claim

Contractor Can Claim Fees

Court Finds No Evidence for Claim of Unfair Interference

Clemson Upsets Huntsville to Claim Concrete Canoe Crown for 1999





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