Structural Expression in Wind Sensitive Structures
Architectural details can impact both the local cladding pressures on a structure as well as the overall structural response. Figure 1 shows a pair of roof corner vortices on the upper...

Securing the Stone
To prevent spalling at edges on thin stone veneer, engineers who design stone cladding pay special attention to the connection details. Kerf clips, 100-150 mm long, that distribute load...

Saving Face
Inspections revealed that the glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) and ceramic tile cladding on a wing of the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, failed and needed to be...

New Philosophy Guides Design of the Building Envelope

Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect's Perspective

Replacement of a Ceramic Tile/GFRC Building Skin with Aluminum

A Building Structural Problem Access and Repair Via Curtain Wall Features

Evaluation of Stone Cladding Anchorages on Precast Concrete Building Panels

Edge Spalling in Thin Stone Cladding

EIFS and Water Migration Issues

Outstanding Paper Award— Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

Lateral Strength of Brick Cladded Frames

Fuel and Cladding Oxidation under Expected Repository Conditions

Characterization of Aluminum-Uranium Core Fuels for Interim Dry Storage

Evaluation of Degradation During Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

Transitioning Aluminum Clad Spent Fuels from Wet to Interim Dry Storage

Acceptance Criteria for Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

Determination of SNF Peak Temperatures in the Waste Package

Diaphragm Action of Cladding in Low-Rise Metal Buildings
An investigation of the contribution of cladding to the lateral stiffness of a metal building is presented in this paper. The diaphragm action of the cladding tends to redistribute the...





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