Tallest Building in Vietnam to Feature Cantilevered Helipad, Lotus Design

Rotterdam's Red Apple Features Dramatic Cantilever

Structures: Glass and Steel Skywalk Cantilevers from Grand Canyon Cliff

Reconstructed With Precision
Rehabilitating a heavily traveled crossing while traffic continues to flow is a complicated endeavor. Add the attention to detail required to preserve the character of a historic 1920's...

Above Them All
The design for what would be the next world's tallest building relies on a 1,550 ft (472 m) high concrete core that will give occupants of the top floors of the building unimpeded...

Box Girder Balancing Act
On November 18, 1999, cranes lowered into place the last of 202 precast concrete segments that form the main span of the new Sagadahoc Bridge, a $46.6 million crossing that boasts the...

Restoration to Strengthen Cantilevers at Fallingwater

Pre-Engineered Hangar Cantilevers 65 Ft.

State of the Arts
The complicated structural engineering that went into the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, allows patrons and performers to focus fully on the arts, and...

New Small Craft Harbor for the U.S. Coast Guard

Rock `N' Roll in Cleveland
A glass tent, a cylinder perched on a single column, a collection of squares, rectangles, triangles and circles were amassed in and around a 167 ft tall tower by architect I.M. Pei to...

Deflection of Beams with Integral Elastic Supports

Influence of Support Stiffness for Cantilever Beams Subjected to Modulated Filtered White Noise

Thermal Cracking in a Cantilever Bridge made of HSC

Modal Analysis for Cantilever Beam Response to Nonstationary Colored Random Excitation

Bracing in Cantilever-suspended Span Construction

A Note on the Free Vibration Analysis of Anisotropic Cantilever Beams

The Normandie Bridge
The Normandie Bridge will have one of the longest cable-stayed spans in the world, i.e. 856 m long. This paper briefly describes the design of the bridge, with the concrete access spans...

Design of Frames Using Notional Horizontal Force
The cantilever columns and portal frames are studied by using the notional horizontal force design concept. This concept intends to eliminate K-factor in the frame design. It was found...

Time-related Deflections of Cantilever Bridges
Many prestressed concrete bridges with spans between 100 and 160 m have been built in the Netherlands. The method of construction is the so-called in situ free cantilever construction....





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