Bifurcation of Line Thermals

A Comparative Analysis of FORM/SORM and Polynomial Chaos Expansions for Highly Nonlinear Systems

On the Almost-Surely Lyapunov Exponent of a Duffing-van der Pol Delay Oscillator

Role of Moment Exponent in Stochastic Bifurcation

Flutter and Divergence Instability of Nonconservative Plates

Elastoplastic Bifurcation in Cosserat Continua

Global Bifurcations in Periodically Excited Shallow Arch Structures

The Brenner Base Tunnel - A Project Resume

Retrofitting Outlet Tunnel for Blue River Project

Representation and Processing of Design Standards: a Bifurcation between Research and Practice
There have been attempts to develop representations of design standards and procedures for computing representations of the design standard on which computations are based. However, within...

Three-dimensional Numerical Analysis of Head Loss in a Bifurcation Pipe Flow

Small-Scale Behavior of Single Gravity-Driven Fingers in an Initially Dry Fracture
Experiments investigating the behavior of individual, gravity-driven fingers in an initially dry, rough-walled analog fracture are presented. Fingers were initiated from constant flow...

On the Bifurcation of Elasto-Plastic Crystals During Multiple Slip
Conditions for the localization of deformation in elasto-plastic crystals experiencing multiple slip are discussed using multisurface plasticity theory. In particular, some important characteristics...

Responses of Bilinear and Impacting Systems Subjected to Regular Waves
The dynamic responses of bilinear and impacting oscillators subjected to harmonic loadings are investigated. Differing from previous studies in which bifurcation diagrams were developed...

The Initiation of Bifurcations and Localization in Damaging Materials
Criteria for diffuse and discontinuous bifurcations have previously been developed and used to investigate the initiation of necking and localization in elastic-plastic materials. In this...

Fluid Dynamics at the Carotid Bifurcation
Arterial wall distensibility is believed to be of secondary importance to the general flowfield of the human carotid artery. However, it has been reported that it may have greater influence...

Shear Band Initiation and Evolution in Frictional Materials

Mississippi River Diversions for Marsh Creation
Large scale, uncontrolled sediment diversions from the Mississippi River are proposed by the Corps of Engineers as a means of creating new marsh and reducing the loss of wetlands. These...

Interparticle Sliding and Rolling
Numerical experiments are done with a continuum plasticity program in order to study the initiation and evolution of shear bands. Many elements are used in order to resolve families of...

A Computer Simulation of the Blood Flow at the Aortic Bifurcation with Flexible Walls
To understand the possible role of hemodynamics in the atherogenesis, especially the effect of the flexibility of the arteries, a two-dimensional numerical model for the blood flow at...





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