A Subcontractor Is Stuck with Mistakes in Its Bid
A court rules that a subcontractor that submitted an erroneous bid must make good on the loss that the general contractor incurred....

Geotechnical Delivery on Mega Transportation Projects: Challenges of Accelerated Delivery
Transportation projects have traditionally been delivered through the design-bid-build (DBB) delivery model, which continues to be the preferred method of delivering the majority of smaller and more traditional...

Contract Documents
As with any civil works project, the bid and contract documents prepared by the owner and the engineer should provide the contractor with the necessary information to prepare bids, to...

Measurement and Payment
The owner shall establish a bid schedule to obtain pricing for all work associated with the microtunneling installation. This bid schedule provides the bidders the opportunity to establish...

Erratum for Klotz Bids Farewell, Natale Reports on Year

Klotz Bids Farewell, Natale Reports on Year

Mongan Bids Farewell; Natale Reports on Year

Court Decisions: Bid Error Correction Allowed

NewsBriefs: Public Owners Face Bid Price Increases (PinnacleOne)

Court Decisions: Challenge to Bid Dismissed

Court Decisions: Vote to Accept a Bid Constitutes a Contract

Wastewater: King County Seeks Bids on First Tunneling Contract for Brightwater Project

Court Decisions: Inclusion of Subcontractor's Bid Found Not Binding

President Galloway Bids Farewell at Opening Plenary Session: ICE President Reaffirms Partnership

Court Decisions: Bid Can be Rejected for Lack of Data

Court Decisions: Mistake in Bid Deemed Excusable

NewsBriefs: Federal Bid Process Simplified for Smaller Contracts (Tripartite Escrow Company)

Court Decisions: Bid Compliance and Savings to Taxpayer

Quality Assurance
The user is responsible for ensuring the quality of products purchased. Therefore, the user of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) products determines the level of quality that will be accepted....

Court Decisions: Subcontractor Need Not Be Registered Before Bid





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