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NewsBriefs: Caravan of Autonomous Vehicles Travels Public Road (Agence France-Presse and Volvo Car Corporation)

NewsBriefs: University of Michigan Tests 'Talking' Cars (NPR)

NewsBriefs: Student Builds Pedal-Powered Car to Promote Sustainability (The Washington Post)

NewsBriefs: Truly Self-Parking Car on Tap for GM (Popular Science)

Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy By Seth Fletcher. New York City: Hill and Wang, 2011

NewsBriefs: Car Seeks to Break World Land Speed Record

NewsBriefs: Computer Program May Lead to Driverless Cars

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NewsBriefs: Federal Program Removed Cars From Use

NewsBriefs: Steam-Powered Car Breaks Oldest Land Speed Record

NewsBriefs: Flying Car Now a Reality

NewsBriefs: Three-Wheeled Electric Car Goes Into Production (The Economist)

NewsBriefs: Artificial Reef Formed by Subway Cars

NewsBriefs: Driverless Cars Could be Available by 2018 (Associated Press)

License Granted to Produce 'Air Car' in the United States

Tunnels: South Korean Car Tunnel Being Constructed at 47 m Depth





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