Storage in Depleted Aquifers Can Help Protect Against Drought, Study Says

Proximity, Timing, And Aquifer Conditions Key to How Groundwater Pumping Affects Streamflows

Monitoring and Quantifying Rate-Limited Mass Transfer Using Geoelectrical Measurements
Non-Fickian solute-transport behavior has been observed at research and aquifer remediationsites in diverse geologic settings. Anomalous behavior such as concentration rebound, long breakthrough...

Probabilistic Analysis of Long-Term Aquifer Recharge
Long-term time series of aquifer recharge and other aquifer fluxes (aquifer discharge, groundwater extraction) are essential to monitor and understand aquifer processes. This paper presents...

Evaluation of a Bias Aware Ensemble Kalman Filter Using a Scaled Aquifer Transport Experiment
In this study, a bias-aware Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) is applied to a scaled aquifer transport experiment (1-cm of the model equals 1-m at field scale and 1-day of model transport...

Drinking Water: Colorado City to Cleanse New Supplies Using Aquifer Recharge

Modeling Fort Ord Site OU2's Remediation System Using Optimization
Fort Ord.s Site OU2 is located approximately 80 miles south of San Francisco near Monterey Bay in Monterey County, California. Fort Ord contains two landfills which were used for residential...

Water Resources: Corps Preserves Arkansas Aquifers with Surface Water Project

Environmental Engineering: Agencies Propose Breaching Montana's Milltown Dam to Restore Aquifer

NewsBriefs: Underground Aquifers Can Impair Water Quality (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange)

Water Resources: Group Surveys Earth's Aquifers

Practical Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Optimization
The Simulation/Optimization MOdeling System (SOMOS) makes it easy to do groundwater optimization modeling for a variety of scales and situations. The SOMOA module uses analytical equations,...

Water Resources: Australian Researchers Find Aquifer Storage Naturally Improves Water Quality

Geotechnical: Study Shows Piles Less a Threat to Aquifers Then Previously Thought

Water Resources: Mexico City Water Study Recommends Aquifer Injection

Water Quality Restoration of the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer: A Work in Progress
Over tens of thousands of years the aquatic ecosystem of the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer evolved in concordance with natural recharge supplied through 24,000 hectares of tall-grass prairie...

Deep Aquifer Storage Gains Ground in the Midwest

California Landowner Proposes Aquifer Storage

Water Campus Ready to Begin Arizona Aquifer Recharge

Optimization of the Aquifer Remediation Costs and Design with Pulsed Pumping
(No paper) Pump-and-treat is a common technique for the remediation of contaminated aquifers. However, slow kinetic mass transfer at sites contaminated with organic compounds may reduce...





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