Corps of Engineers Helping to Build Hospitals in Ebola-Stricken Liberia

A Drone Port Could Supercharge Africa's Infrastructure—And Save Lives

White sails inspired the design of a hospital and spa that will form part of Tunisia Economic City, a commercial zone that is being developed in that north African country...

Look Who's A D.GE: Chad Underwood, PE, PG, D.GE, M.ASCE

A History of Ancient Egypt: From The First Farmers to The Great Pyramid By John Romer. New York City: Thomas Dunne Books, 2013

Inspired by the movement of water in the nearby Bouregreg River, the design of a new theater for Rabat, the capital of Morocco, features sweeping curves that begin with the landscape architecture and continue to build throughout the structure...

A mixed-use development comprising office, retail, and hotel space is being planned for Cairo, Egypt.

The Conceptual Master Plans for a Hotel off Tunisia's Coast...

In the Field: Engineer Undertakes Orphanage Project in Sierra Leone

NewsBriefs: Morocco, Spain Solidify Plans for Strait of Gibraltar Rail Tunnel (The Seattle Times)

In the Field: ASCE Members Team up with EWB-USA in Africa

NewsBriefs: Water Infrastructure Falls Short in Africa (British Broadcasting Corporation)

People: Biggs to Develop Restoration Guidelines for Monuments in Egypt

Urban Planning: Park Flourishes in Ancient Cairo Landfill

Structures: Grand Museum of Egypt to Complement Giza Pyramids

In The Field: ASCE Members Volunteer for Sustainable Development Projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Projection of Water Needs: Case Study in Bloem Water Service Area, South Africa

A Watershed approach to Managing Wetlands of Lake Victoria, Kenya

Khufu and Kukulcán
The pyramids built by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt - especially the magnificent tomb of the fourth Dynasty's Khufu, or Cheops - have prompted extensive inquiry through the...

Zemmouri, Algeria, Mw 6.8 Earthquake of May 31, 2003
Prepared by the Earthquake Investigations Committee of the Technical Council of Lifeline Earthquake Engineering ASCE. This TCLEE Monograph summarizes...





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