Robotic Rebar-Tying System Uses Artificial Intelligence
A robotic rebar-tying system that uses artificial intelligence on bridge construction projects has been successfully tested in Pennsylvania....

Construction Begins on Lagoon Restoration Project near San Diego

Proposed ‘Super Urban Network’ Would Bring High-Speed Travel to Denver

A Steel Ribbon Unfurls in Chicago

Los Angeles Project Seeks Cool Solution to Hot Asphalt

Adding Biochar to Soils beside Highways Could Reduce Runoff, Report Says

Zinc, Glass, and Translucent Membranes Grace Pool Complex

Ceramic Tower Adds Drama to Dubai Skyline

Traditional Architecture Inspires Kuwaiti Cultural Center

Nevada’s Supreme Court Invalidates Architect’s Mechanic’s Lien
Lien statutes are useful as a financial backstop; however, they should not be used as the primary way to secure payments, as one architect found out....

Sustainability Forms the Foundation of Future Development
Civil engineers must be willing to learn and adapt, be innovative, and work together to meet the engineering needs of a sustainable future....

Senate Subcommittee Examines Risks to Superfund Sites from Natural Disasters
In the aftermath of recent natural disasters, a Senate subcommittee examines how to improve the protection of Superfund sites against such events....

Higher Learning: A Sustainable Study-Abroad Capstone
At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, civil engineering students participate in a sustainable study-abroad capstone that emphasizes teamwork and innovation....

Next Step: Observe, Teach, and Keep Learning
Norman Quach, P.E., S.E., is a senior bridge engineer at T.Y. Lin International in San Francisco. His advice to younger engineers is to never stop learning....

Architecture Firm Reimagines Arenas

Waterfront Building Pays Homage to Claude Monet

Drones Can Improve Bridge Inspections


The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States: The Challenge of Trading Places, By Mattijs van Maasakkers. New York: Anthem Press, 2016

Fast Forward: One Small Step
A concept design for an inflatable habitat on Mars incorporates indigenous ice as a structural element and a shield to protect occupants from galactic cosmic radiation....





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