Discussion of " Secondary Flow, Shear Stress and Sediment Transport by Chao-Lin Chiu and David E. Hsiung"

Discussion of " Parametric Study of Flood Wave Propagation by K. Sridharan and M. S. Mohan Kumar"

Closure to "Prediction of Non-Darcy Flow in Porous Media by Jan de Vries"

Closure to "Erosivity Values for Individual Design Storms by Keith R. Cooley"

Discussion of " Subdomain Integration Model of Ground-Water Flow by T. V. Hromadka II and G. L. Guymon"

Discussion of " Subsidence in United States Due to Ground-Water Withdrawal by Joseph F. Poland"

Closure to "Web Distortion and Flexural-Torsional Buckling by Gregory J. Hancock, Nicholas S. Trahair and Mark A. Bradford"

Discussion of " Research Needs in Stability of Metal Structures by Reidar Bjorhovde"

Erratum for " Window Glass Design Practices: A Review by Joseph E. Minor"

Discussion of " Membrane Reinforcement in Shells by Ajaya K. Gupta"

Discussion of " Shear Strength of Tapered Wood Beams by J. Y. Liu"

Discussion of " Rational Design of Fillet Weld Groups by Peter Swannell"

Discussion of " Weld Group Behavior by Peter Swannell"

Discussion of " Delphi Methods: Theory and Design Load Application by Ross B. Corotis, John C. Harris and Raymond R. Fox"

Closure to "Western Economic Development and Water Planning: Bureau of Reclamation by John E. Keith, Allen LeBaron, Jay C. Andersen and Keith Wilde"

Closure to "The Chicago Region's Valuable Water Resources by Clint J. Keifer"

Erratum for " NAWDEX: Focal Point for Water Data Information by Melvin D. Edwards"

Erratum for " Growth Concerns Defeat a County Water Issue by Charles H. Lawrance"

Discussion of " Risk Avoidance Objective in Water Resources by Ata M. Nazar, Maurice L. Albertson and Warren A. Hall"

Discussion of " WRC Standard Flood Frequency Guidelines by Donald R. Jackson"





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