Closure to "Effect of Openings on Lateral Buckling of Beams by Alexander Coull and Maria C. Alvarez"

Closure to "Load Distribution and Double Skin Wall by Raymond M.L. Ting"

Discussion of " Proposed Steel Column Strength Criteria by Dann H. Hall"

Erratum for " Undersea Suspended Cable Structures by William J. Nordell and Dallas J. Meggitt"

Closure to "Column Base Plates with Axial Loads and Moments by John T. DeWolf and Edward F. Sarisley"

Closure to "Experimental Evaluation of Composite Action by Rafik Y. Itani, Robert J. Hoyle and Hossain M. Morshed"

Discussion of " Proposed Steel Column Strength Criteria by Dann H. Hall"

Discussion of " Pile Cap-Pile Group-Soil Interaction by Chandrakant S. Desai, Ahmad R. Alameddine and Thangavelu Kuppusamy"

Discussion of " Rational Design of Fillet Weld Groups by Peter Swannell"

Discussion of " Repaired Pitch-Cambered Glulam Beams by Vijaya K.A. Gopu"

Closure to "Wave Propulsion of Spar Buoys by Thomas A. McClimans"

Closure to "Water Level Variations along California Coast by Raymond A. Smith and Robert J. Leffler"

Closure to "Laboratory Generated Waves and Wave Theories by Subrata K. Chakrabarti"

Closure to "Knickpoint Migration due to Baselevel Lowering by Ze'ev B. Begin, Stanley A. Schumm and David F. Meyer"

Discussion of " Geometry of Tidal Inlets: Empirical Equations by Charles L. Vincent and William D. Corson"

Erratum for " Wave Forces on Rigid Pipes Using Ocean Test Data by Robert A. Grace and Gabriel T.Y. Zee"

Discussion of " Long-Term Distributions of Ocean Waves: A Review by Michael de St. Q. Isaacson and Neil G. MacKenzie"

Discussion of " Particle Motion Under Stokes Waves by Eliezer Kit and Michael Stiassnie"

Closure to "Ethical Considerations in Computer Use by Charles F. Beck"

Discussion of " Urban Runoff Quality: Information Needs by Michael B. Sonnen"





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