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Closure to "Force on Sill of Forced Jump by Rangaswami Narayanan and L. S. Schizas"

Closure to "Turbulence Measurements in Simulated Tidal Flow by Habib O. Anwar and Roy Atkins"

Closure to "Geometry of Gravel Streams by Howard H. Chang"

Closure to "Entrained Air in Linearly Accelerated Water Flow that by Abdin M.A. Salih"

Closure to "Hydraulic Transients Following Valve Closure by C. S. Watt, A. P. Boldy and J. M. Hobbs"

Erratum for " Return Period for Mean Annual Hydrologic Event by Donthamsetti Veerabhadra Rao"

Erratum for " Three-Parameter Probability Distributions by Donthamsetti Veerabhadra Rao"

Closure to "Pollutant Concentrations from Homogenous Land Uses by Irwin Polls and Richard Lanyon"

Erratum for " Mathematical Modeling of Dispersion in Mixed Estuaries by Yasar F. Ozturk"

Discussion of " Stochastic Analysis of Elasto-Plastic Systems by Rudolf L. Grossmayer"

Closure to "Cam-Clay Predications of Undrained Strength by Paul W. Mayne"

Closure to "Tension Resistant Inclusions in Soils by Kamal Z. Andrawes, Ragui F. Wilson-Fahmy, Mohsen M. Mashhour and Alan McGown"

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Erratum for " Soil-Pipe Interaction of Heated Oil Pipelines by Bing C. Yen, R. D. Hinkle and Ching H. Tsao"

Discussion of " Soil-Pipe Interaction and Pipeline Design by Syed Ahmed, Carl L. Brassow and Ralph W. McMickle"

Erratum for " Time-Dependent Route Assignment of Peak Traffic by Attahiru Sule Alfa"

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Closure to "Construction Project Selection and Bernoulli Utility by V. K. Handa and I. F. Georgiades"

Discussion of " Tokyo's Dainikoro Underwater Tube-Tunnel by Boyd C. Paulson Jr."





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