Closure to "Continuous Steel I-Girders: Optimum Proportioning by Abul K. Azad"

Closure to "Tensile Strength of Concrete: Double-Punch Test by Wai F. Chen and Robert L. Yuan"

Closure to "Dynamic Reduction of Structural Models by Charles A. Miller"

Closure to "Vierendeel Frame Analysis: Slope-Shear Equations by Velu Paramasivam"

Discussion of " Effects of Fire on Reinforced Concrete Members by Bruce R. Ellingwood and James R. Shaver"

Discussion of " Research Needs in Stability of Metal Structures by Reidar Bjorhovde"

Discussion of " Membrane Reinforcement in Shells by Ajaya K. Gupta"

Discussion of " Interaction Buckling in I-Section Columns by Gregory J. Hancock"

Erratum for " Flexural Crack Width in Partially Prestressed Concrete Beams by Stephen W. Meier and Peter Gergely"

Discussion of " Effective Wind Loads on Flat Roofs by Theodore Stathopoulos, Alan G. Davenport and David Surry"

Erratum for " Behavior of Skewed Beam and Slab Bridge Decks by David J. Just"

Discussion of " Edge Stiffeners for Thin-Walled Members by Thomas P. Desmond, George Winter and Teoman Pekoz"

Erratum for " Nonlinear Analysis of Thin Sections in Compression by Gregory J. Hancock"

Discussion of " Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Tapered I-Beams by Thomas G. Brown"

Discussion of " Optimal Design of Retaining Walls by Edward J. Rhomberg and Walter M. Street"

Erratum for " Inventories, Surveys and Historic Preservation by J. Paul Hartman"

Discussion of " Long-Span Bridges: State-of-the-Art by Fu-Kuei Chang and Edward Cohen"

Discussion of " Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames by Jagmohan Humar"

Discussion of " Recommended Design Loads for Bridges by Peter G. Buckland"

Closure to "Condition Evaluation of Jointed Concrete Airfield Pavement by Mohamed Y. Shahin, Starr D. Kohn and Michael I. Darter"





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