Discussion of " Cam-Clay Predications of Undrained Strength by Paul W. Mayne"

Closure to "Estimation of Direct Runoff from Urban Watersheds by Aolad Hossain, Jacques W. Delleur and A. Ramachandra Rao"

Closure to "Modified Fickian Model for Predicting Dispersion by Henry Liu and Alexander H.D. Cheng"

Closure to "Linear Theory Methods for Pipe Network Analysis by Lewis T. Isaacs and Kevin G. Mills"

Discussion of " Mixture Theory for Suspended Sediment Transport by David F. McTigue"

Erratum for " Forced Vibrations of Cable Networks by Louis F. Geschwindner Jr. and Harry H. West"

Closure to "Pavement Analysis by Programmable Calculators by Per Ullidtz and Kenneth R. Peattie"

Erratum for " Pavement Analysis by Programmable Calculators by Per Ullidtz and Kenneth R. Peattie"

Closure to "Second-Order Standing Waves Bounded by Circular Cylinders by John N. Hunt and Rafik E. Baddour"

Closure to "Impact of Gravel Mining on River System Stability by Peter F. Lagasse, Daryl B. Simons and Brien R. Winkley"

Closure to "Dome Effect in RC Slabs: Rigid-Plastic Analysis by Mikael W. Braestrup"

Closure to "Continuous Steel I-Girders: Optimum Proportioning by Abul K. Azad"

Closure to "Tensile Strength of Concrete: Double-Punch Test by Wai F. Chen and Robert L. Yuan"

Closure to "Dynamic Reduction of Structural Models by Charles A. Miller"

Closure to "Vierendeel Frame Analysis: Slope-Shear Equations by Velu Paramasivam"

Erratum for " Flexural Crack Width in Partially Prestressed Concrete Beams by Stephen W. Meier and Peter Gergely"

Erratum for " Behavior of Skewed Beam and Slab Bridge Decks by David J. Just"

Erratum for " Nonlinear Analysis of Thin Sections in Compression by Gregory J. Hancock"

Erratum for " Inventories, Surveys and Historic Preservation by J. Paul Hartman"

Closure to "Laboratory Verification of a Dam-Break Flood Model by Cheng-lung Chen"





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