Accumulative Sliding Construction Method for Large-Span Latticed Shells

by Yan-Bin Shen, Ph.D., Dept. of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou 310058, China.,
Y. Z. Luo, (corresponding author), Professor; Dept. of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou 310058, China,,

Serial Information: Issue 10, Pg. 1154-1157

Document Type: Journal Paper

Abstract: This note proposes an efficient and cost-effective construction method for longitudinally supported large span latticed shell structures, commonly used for storages of existing stockpiles such as coal, stones, etc. The method divides a latticed shell into several segments, each of them is constructed sequentially. First, one segment-width scaffold is built at the assembling end of the structure. Then one segment of the structure is assembled on the scaffold. Once completed, the segmented structure is slid toward the other end of the structure to allow the scaffold to be available for assembling another segment. By repeating the above procedure, the entire segmented structure will form the resulting lattice shells. In the note, this construction method applied to two long span shell structures is discussed in detail. Structural analyses for each of the two accumulative sliding constructions have been examined before the construction, together with some suggestions for future similar applications using the method. From this note, researchers may transform the mobile construction method to explore other construction methods and practitioners of this technology can apply this method more safely and properly.

Subject Headings: Construction methods | Scaffolds | Shell structures | Structural analysis | Existing buildings | Financial management | Stones | Lattices |

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