Project Quality

by David J. Williams, (F.ASCE),

Part of: Preparing for Project Management: A Guide for the New Architectural Engineering Project Manager in Private Practice


Quality means that you must listen to the client. You are not the last word, especially when it comes to the budget, the design fee, and the parameters of the project on which you are working. The client almost always has a budget, or what he or she believes to be a budget. Perhaps the facility is one that must be built regardless of the cost. Whatever the budget, you must keep costs to a minimum, yet be concerned with the safety and usefulness of the facility. The happy client is one that has just received a contract for design services which is less than his or her estimate. The very happy client is one that has just taken bids and the low bidder is below the estimate.

Subject Headings: Client relationships | Budgets | Fees | Parameters (statistics) | Safety | Bids


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