Total Quality Management (TQM)

by David J. Williams, (F.ASCE),


The PM's first responsibility is quality. This means quality of the final product along with quality and management throughout the project. The PM may belong to an organization that does not embrace TQM. The PM may belong to a firm that does not even know what TQM is all about. However, the process that propels TQM must be used by all A/E firms that intend to grow and prosper, whether they use the title of TQM or not. The process of TQM is merely those things that an organization should have been doing in years past as well as the present. The PM can still utilize TQM or other quality processes in his or her daily program. Again, the three factors that will define whether the project is successful are: that the project be completed on time; that the project be completed within budget; that the expectations of the customer are met or exceeded. These three factors must be considered throughout all of the work that is involved with any project.


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