A Simple Model to Predict Soil Resistance to Driving for Long Piles in Deepwater Normally Consolidated Clays

by R.N. Dutt, Fugro-McClelland Marine Geosciences Inc.,
E.H. Doyle, Shell Offshore Inc.,
J.T. Collins, Marathon Oil Co.,
P. Ganguly, BP Exploration Inc.,


As the exploration and development for offshore oil and gas reserves moves into the deepwater environment of the continental slope, a good model is necessary to evaluate drivability of large-diameter, long piles in normally consolidated clays. Procedures are available to predict soil resistance to driving in stiff to hard overconsolidated clays of the North Sea and the Arabian Gulf. Use of these procedures in normally consolidated clays grossly overpredicts soil resistance. Such gross overpredictions result in the mobilization of larger hammers or thicker pile wall than necessary for pile installation. A simple model is proposed to estimate soil resistance to driving. Case histories of recent deepwater pile installations are presented to illustrate the adequacy of the new procedure in deepwater normally condolidated clays.

Copyright holder: Copyright 1995, Offshore Technology Conference


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