Planning and Design of Tall Buildings: Scope Index

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
1976, Soft Cover, Pg. 36
21.5x27.7cm, Joint Committee Report No. M7B

Document Type: Book


This report, Scope Index, was originally part of Joint Committee Report 1 as Schedule 2.1. It is an alphabetical listing of the scope of the various chapters of the Monograph on Tall Buildings. The number listed next to each subject refers to the Committee under which that particular subject is listed. It covers Planning & Environmental Criteria; Systems and Concepts; Criteria & Loading; Structural Design of Tall Steel Buildings; and Structural Design of Tall Concrete and Masonry Buildings.

Subject Headings: Building design | Steel structures | Structural design | Concrete structures | Sustainable development | Joints | Scheduling | Environmental issues


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