Gravity Waves: Tables of Function

Coastal Engineering Research Council, ASCE

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-331-6 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-331-9 (ISBN-10), 1967, Soft Cover, Pg. 26

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book


Engineers and scientists who deal with problems connected with gravity waves in oceans, lakes, reservoirs, and harbors, often find it necessary to make calculations using certain relationships which involve the wave length, waver period, and water depth. The purpose of this publication, Gravity Waves: Tables of Functions, is to assemble for easy accessibility some of the more frequently used tabulated functions. This booklet contains several tables of relevant functions and a graph of wave characteristics in transitional and shallow water relative to deep water.

Subject Headings: Gravity waves | Ocean waves | Water table | Lakes | Reservoirs | Ports and harbors | Publications | Shallow water


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