Preliminary Evaluation Findings for Ice Ban

Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), A Service Center of the Civil Engineering Research Center (CERF) of ASCE

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-0340-2 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0340-6 (ISBN-10), 1998, Soft Cover, Pg. 13
DataNotAvailable, CERF Report: 40430; Technical Evaluation Report, prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC)

Document Type: Book

Abstract: This report describes results obtained from the field evaluation of Ice Ban as a liquid anti-icing and deicing agent during the 1996-1997 winter season. Ice Ban is the concentrated liquid residue of the fermentation and distillation of alcohols (ethanol) and the processing of corn and other agricultural products. Ice Ban can be applied as a liquid anti-icing or deicing agent and as a road salt or sand pretreating agent.

Subject Headings: Deicing | Highways and roads | Innovation | Field tests | Winter | Biological processes


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