Analysis and Design of Retaining Structures Against Earthquakes

by Shamsher Prakash,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-7844-0206-1 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0206-X (ISBN-10), 1996, Soft Cover, Pg. vii, 136
978-0-7844-7945-2 (ISBN-13) | 1996, PDF
22 cm.
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GSP Geotechnical Special Publication (GSP) 60
Conference information: Sessions of ASCE National Convention | Washington, D.C., United States | November 10-14, 1996

Document Type: Book - Proceedings

Abstract: This proceedings, Analysis and Design of Retaining Structures Against Earthquakes, contains both invited and contributed papers, which focus on the questions of 1) dynamic earth pressures on fixed and movable rigid and flexible walls; 2) displacements in translation and rotation of walls under earthquakes; 3) behavior of fills and abutments during earthquake; and 4) centrifuge tests on walls. Both analytical and experimental data have been presented on possible behavior of retaining structures under seismic loading. A study of this volume and other published literature shows considerable effort is being devoted to determination of realistic dynamic pressures, displacement in translation and rotation of retaining structures and behavior of fills for abutments. Since a synthesis of these studies is not currently available, there are no unified and generally acceptable solutions to the above questions. However, the discussions and presentations of the papers during the session does highlight the need for such solutions and more definite descriptions of unsolved problems.

Subject Headings: Retaining structures | Structural behavior | Earthquakes | Dynamic pressure | Structural analysis | Seismic design | Structural dynamics


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