The Effect of Operational Parameters on the Acid-phase Anaerobic Fermentation in the Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

by P. Elefsiniotis, Univ of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada,
W. K. Oldham, Univ of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Abstract: A series of laboratory-scale, continuous flow experiments has been employed to study the effects of selected HRTs and SRTs on the acid-phase fermentation of primary sludge. The VFA production is greatly affected by the variation in both operational parameters. Overall, HRTs from 9 to 15 hours and SRTs from 10 to 20 days result in high rates of substrate solubilization and subsequent VFA generation.

Subject Headings: Acids | Laboratory tests | Sludge | Parameters (statistics) | Anaerobic processes | Phosphorus | Substrates

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