Centrifugal Abrasion-Resistant Pumps in Intermediate Length Pipeline Systems

by Jon E. Fatzinger, BGA Int, Salt Lake City, UT, USA,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Abstract: The success of long-distance slurry pipelines is in many cases dependent on careful preparation of the solids prior to transport. Positive displacement pumps are employed. However, for each of these very long pipelines, there are numerous 1/2 to 10 mile long pipelines for which pre-preparation of solids is neither practical or economical and the design of the pipeline and the pumping equipment must accommodate widely ranging fluid properties. These 'intermediate-length' pipelines most often employ a series arrangement of abrasion resistant centrifugal pumps as the prime movers. This paper discusses the design of such pipelines.

Subject Headings: Pumps | Slurry pipelines | Solid mechanics | Slurries | Pipeline design | Erosion | Drag (fluid dynamics)

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