Managing Finances

by David C. Johnston, Harland Bartholomew & Assocs., Inc., 4203 Gardendale, Suite C-226, San Antonio, Tex. 78229,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-397-2 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-397-1 (ISBN-10), 1984, Soft Cover, Pg. 84

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Conference information: A Symposium | Atlanta, Georgia, United States | May 14-18, 1984

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Document Type: Book - Proceedings


Managing finances is becoming increasingly complex for the engineering manager. How the engineering manager assesses the impacts of an individual's attitude can have a pronounced affect on the profitability of a project and the organization's profits. Likewise, an organization's control of its overhead and utilization of a computerized management system can impact profits. The papers presented, review three different levels of management: organizational, project, and individual. Topics discussed at the organizational level include managing overhead and utilization of a computerized management information system. Managing project financing is discussed for those interested in project management. Discussion regarding the competitive atmosphere engineers find themselves confronted with today and the increased pressure to cut costs without sacrificing quality is presented. Also, the individual's attitudes and its financial impacts are discussed.

Subject Headings: Project management | Business organizations | Systems management | Profits | Managers | Information management | Information systems | Financing


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