Pile Construction Practices in Arctic Regions: State-of-the-Art

by Dennis Nottingham, Peratrovich, Nottingham & Drage, Inc, Anchorage, AK, USA,

Part of: Cold Regions Construction: A State of the Practice Report


Pile installation techniques in cold regions include drill and slurry, and driven methods for foundation designs. In the past, piles used for structural support in permafrost have consisted primarily of the drill and slurry backfill type. Early pile driving efforts met with varying success. Although piles had been driven in permafrost, the methods used were not reliable or economical. Conversely, development of slurry backfill pile placement has advanced through extensive use on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and North Slope oil field projects. Improved pile driving techniques in permafrost using a thermally modified pilot hole now offer an economical alternative to frozen foundation problems.

Subject Headings: Piles | Construction management | Driven piles | Drilling | Economic factors | Offshore structures | Foundation design | Driver behavior | Arctic


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