Buckling of Eccentrically Loaded Steel Columns

by Seng-Lip Lee,
S. C. Anand,

Serial Information: Journal of the Structural Division, 1966, Vol. 92, Issue 2, Pg. 351-370

Document Type: Journal Paper

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Abstract: The problem of eccentrically loaded inelastic compression members has received considerable attention since the beginning of the 20th century. Load-deflection curves of the plastic behavior of the eccentrically loaded columns were derived by J.F. Baker, M.R. Horne, and J.W. Roderick. Their method can only be applied to particular cases by performing a lengthy trial-and-error procedure. During the 1950's, T.V. Galambos and R.L. Ketter treated the wide-flange column by representing the moment-curvature relationships in graphical form, and then using these functions in integrating a given column numerically by successive approximation; critical loads charactertized by excessive bending were obtained by repeated use of this procedure to obtain a load-deflection diagram. Ketter later presented the results of additional computations for the purpose of evaluating approximate interaction curves. More recently, Horne developed a method of obtaining critical load of columns of a rectangular cross section loaded symmetrically by equal and eccentricities. G.F. Hauck and S.L. Lee extended Horne's method to treat wide-flange or box sections. Furthermore, they developed approximate equations for dealing with columns with arbitrary boundary conditions and end loads. Herein, the approximate equations given in the work of Lee and Hauck are extended to particular cases of eccentrically loaded wide-flange and box-section columns without end deflections. These equations are used to find the critical loads for various combinations of end moments and column stiffnesses. The results are presented in graphical form.

Subject Headings: Critical loads | Displacement (mechanics) | Curvature | Flanges | Steel columns | Load factors | Graphic methods

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