Dynamic Behavior of Massive Guy Cables

by Alan G. Davenport,
George N. Steels,

Serial Information: Journal of the Structural Division, 1965, Vol. 91, Issue 2, Pg. 43-70

Document Type: Journal Paper

Abstract: The dynamic behavior of massive guy cables under the action of an harmonic guy-top excitation and viscous damping is studied. Theoretical expressions for the complex stiffness modulus and vibration amplitudes are derived, based on the parabolic approximation of the cable form. The complex guy stiffness is expressed as two functions, corresponding to the horizontal guy reaction in phase and in quadrature with the deflection. The stiffnesses are expressed nondimensionally in terms of the soil called taut wire stiffness as functions of the initial cable strain, the ratio of cable weight to tension, the critical damping ratio, and a dimensional frequency ratio based on the taut wire frequency. Experiments on dynamic model guy cables confirm that the results are accurate for small amplitude motions. The study showed that a potentially dangerous situation arises at certain characteristic frequencies of the guy when the modulus becomes negative and the guy then tends to pull the mast over.

Subject Headings: Cables | Stiffening | Damping | Dynamic models | Model accuracy | Excitation (physics) | Vibration | Paraboloid

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