Hydraulic Jump in All Shapes of Horizontal Channels

by R. Silvester,

Serial Information: Journal of the Hydraulics Division, 1964, Vol. 90, Issue 1, Pg. 23-56

Document Type: Journal Paper

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Abstract: A simple analytical solution is presented of the ratios of conjugate depth and energy loss in terms of the upstream Froude number for the hydraulic jump in horizontal rectangular, triangular, parabolic, circular and trapezoidal channels. A semi-empirical solution is provided for the jump length in the same sections. Verification has been obtained from other exact solutions for certain shapes and from experimental data available on all sections. The correlation is good, although further tests are indicated for certain channel shapes, especially in regard to jump length. The extra loss obtainable in open channels of non-rectangular shape and the economy of constructing sloping walls should encourage the use of such sections in stilling basins. Comparison of prototype jumps with model reproductions is necessary to determine the effect of vorticity, turbulence and aeration on the characteristics. Laboratory tests follow the analytical solution closely with the exception of a few anomalous results which may be due to the preceding factors.

Subject Headings: Hydraulic jump | Energy loss | Rivers and streams | Froude number | Paraboloid | Trapezoidal channels | Professional societies | Verification

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