Radial Collector Wells Adjacent to the River Banks

by Miloje Milojevic,

Serial Information: Journal of the Hydraulics Division, 1963, Vol. 89, Issue 6, Pg. 133-151

Document Type: Journal Paper


Capacity of a radial collector well adjacent to the river bank depends on diameter of the filtration gallery which is formed during the collector construction, height of collectors above the. impervious stratum, collector length, number of collectors, distance from the river bank, well spacing (if wells are disposed in an array), aquifer thickness, filtration coefficient, and draw-down. On the basis of electro-hydrodynamic model investigations, two formulas were derived: One formula for a single well and the other for one well in an infinite array. Basic assumptions are that: No flow prior to the well operation; steady flow; homogeneous and isotropic aquifer of equal thickness throughout the flow field; vertical and straight river bank; and head loss in collectors negligible. Formulas are applicable for the cases when the aquifer is unisotropic, and when the river is shallow and does not cut the aquifer at its bottom. Distribution of the total yield around and along collectors is also presented. Results of other investigations are given.

Subject Headings: Wells (water) | Aquifers | High-rise buildings | River flow | Filtration | Thickness | Radiation | Construction management

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